Product and supplier search

  • Search for product and supplier
  • Find the goods you are interested in
  • Find up to 10 factories, plants
  • Check their reliability and quality of products
  • Arrange an auction between factories, thereby reducing the cost of goods to 50%
  • Provide you with the best quality product and factory option


Purchase of goods

  • Procurement of goods below the minimum lot of the plant
  • We buy goods from a set of suppliers, we collect in the warehouse and we complete combined freight
  • Check the quantity and quality of the goods
  • We offer an optimal solution for delivery



  • We carry out local logistics
  • Storage in consolidation warehouses
  • Checking the quality and completeness of the goods before shipment
  • Export clearance
  • Delivery from anywhere in the world to your warehouse anywhere in Russia


Presale preparation

  • Labeling
  • Picking
  • Documentation


Support of transactions

  • Assist in drafting and concluding contracts with Russian and foreign companies
  • Control production and lead times
  • Provide assistance with the conclusion of dealer and distribution agreements
  • Certification and documentation according to Russian legislation

Development and support website: IT-service "INFO.SITE"